SAP Fiori

Abap / Fiori Application Development

Today, mobile applications bring a new approach to user experience, bringing advantages that enable business processes to be managed independently of time and space. SAP Fiori helps you achieve the same benefits, especially in the senior management stage, with SAP-managed business processes. Approval processes are gaining momentum with SAP Fiori and custom interface designs for your entire organization.

SAP Fiori, a platform-independent new application development platform dedicated to SAP-enabled organizations, enables you to move SAP's user interfaces and administrative functions to the next level in terms of user experience (UX). With SAP Fiori it is now much easier to make all the processes that require management approval, such as SAT and SAS, cost and travel, compatible with today's UX habits...

More than 500 ready-made applications
Offering a platform-independent development environment, SAP Fiori enables your institution to achieve its own unique and standard SAP displays. Promising seamless SAP access on all HTML5-based web browsers, especially on mobile devices, SAP Fiori offers over 500 reference implementations so you can easily design your own applications. You can quickly design your own SAP screens by choosing one of these ready-made applications or taking advantage of design guides that make it easier to develop applications.

No License Fee
The SAP Fiori platform, which is designed to create the unique management interfaces (interface design) of SAP employees in the IT infrastructure, does not require a per-client license fee, unlike the previous SAP Syclo. Only SAP's 7.31 and 7.40 versions are sufficient for SAP Fiori's installation. The upgrade service for organizations with versions older than SAP 7.31 is also offered by the experienced SAP team at S4C.

Design Guides
SAP Fiori Design Guidelines, which enable organizations to be more creative on the SAP Fiori platform and quickly create the management screens they need; Selected templates, application items, links and controls, and application development processes. On the SAP Fiori platform, you can quickly develop custom applications for your organization by spending less time and effort.

SAP HANA Integration
Integration of SAP HANA platform with in-memory technology SAP Fiori, which allows large amounts of data to be processed instantaneously, enhances the administrative user experience (UX) presented on this platform so far. Solutions such as SAP Business Suite applications provide a personalized and 'role-based' user experience in all business processes thanks to SAP Fiori. With SAP Fiori, the real-time user experience is spreading across multiple devices (mobile and desktop platforms).